We provide interpreting service to facilitate verbal communication with your Chinese clients. Our team of interpreters have worked on meetings at the highest levels. As interpreters accredited by the UN or EU, we have interpreted for political and business leaders around the world. We are the voice you can trust.

There are usually three types of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive and whisper interpreting.


Simultaneous interpreting is widely used at conferences held at international organisations such as the UN and EU. It is suitable for big events involving large number of attendees that consist of a mixture of English and non-English audience. The interpretation is provided almost at the same time (with a time lag of a few seconds) as the speaker speaks. Given the time constraint, the interpretation is more paraphrasing than word for word. The advantage of simultaneous interpreting is that the event can progress as normal while the interpreting goes on in the background. The interpreters need to work in pairs and are usually sat in a makeshift booth set up in the meeting room with audio input and output.


Consecutive interpreting is a type of interpreting where the interpreter delivers their interpretation after the speaker finishes speaking. Consecutive interpreting is the most accurate form of interpreting as the interpreter can listen to the entire message before providing the interpretation. The interpreter can work in pairs or on their own depending on the intensity of the job concerned. Consecutive interpreting is normally used for a smaller group in meetings, seminars and for site visits.


Whisper interpreting is basically simultaneous interpreting without audio equipment. The interpreter sits next to the client and ‘whisper’ the interpretation into the ear of the client. It is usually provided on a one-to-one basis. It is usually used in a situation where only one or two persons in a meeting require language service.

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